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Since the Friends of Winnacunnet Foundation formed in 2005 as a non-profit to benefit innovative learning initiatives at WHS, it has raised over $100,000 toward an endowment and dispersed over $45,000 in grants.  Grants are awarded in the fall/winter and spring.  The deadlines for grants are determined during the first meeting of the school year.  To apply for a grant, please fill out the above application and send it to llibbey@winnacunnet.org.

Below are the details of grants awarded...

Fall 2016:

  • STEM: Enhancing Winnacunnet STEM education through autoclave implementation, $2,500.  The specific goals and objectives of the project are to enhance STEM learning at WHS by providing an autoclave for teachers to use for projects in their classrooms, and to encourage students to pursue STEM related fields.  An autoclave is an advanced technology machine that kills bacteria off of scientific lab equipment, and is very rarely found in a public high school lab setting.

Spring 2016:

  • WHS Evening School: Boat Building Class, $2,150.  This boat building class will offer an experimental learning opportunity for WHS adult education students.  The students will work together as a team to build a boat that can be displayed in the school and raffled or sold to fund future boat building projects.  This will enable the project to be self-sustaining and offer this opportunity annually to WHS students.

Fall 2015:

  • John Croteau, Genomics Lab: Replace old electrophoresis equipment, $2,156.  The new Lonza Fast Gel Electrophoresis equipment  provides the biology students with the latest available in electrophoresis technology.  The object is to ll prepare students for the diverse and growing field of research.  allow students to generate their own genetic data and utilize available bio-informatics analysis that will prepare students for the diverse and growing field of genetic research.  The techniques learned will prepare the students for entry into genetic technology careers or college degree programs.

Spring 2015:

  • STEM + Art: Digital drawing and writing on iPad Pro, $1,500.  The iPad Pro and additional supporting hardware and apps will be used to create lessons and presentations for students in the classroom in areas of math, physics, and architectural drawings.

Fall 2014:

  • Grace Cushing/Caroline Anastasia: School-wide Composting Project, $2,200.
  • Diana Weidenbacker, Decisions Program: Disc Golf (Frisbee golf), $3,099.  Similar to golf, the object of disc golf is to complete each hole in as few throws–or strokes–as possible.  Instead of using golf clubs and a golf ball, disc golfers use a flying golf disc to traverse the hole.  Each hole starts with a teeing area and is completed once the disc lands in the “hole”, which is a disc-catching target.

Spring 2014:

  • Jim Muthig, Mathematics and Engineering: Arduino Microcontrollers, $900This equipment will allow every student enrolled in Programming Logic Design and Digital Electronics, Tech Math and the Engineering Capstone Project to use a microcontroller to assist their understanding  of how computer code written by the student can actually control a variety of electrical devices. This offers the capability of testing a mathematical concept in a real world scenario.
  • Joseph Marquette, World Language: Mobile Language Lab, $600.  Headsets to record student oral work and allow for individualized listening exercises. Students will be able to make quality recordings of their own language progress which will enable teachers to assess them as speakers of the target language.
  • Student Brian Coffen: 3-D Printer, $2,901. Brian Coffen applied for a 3-D Printer and supplies to enhance the engineering curriculum and to allow students to learn programming, maintenance, and design using 3-D printers and assess future use across all departments.

Fall 2013:

  • Student Joseph Catalano: Mobile Kiosk for School Store, $585.  Joseph Catalano applied to design and build a Warrior Trading Post Mobile Kiosk in consultation with Warrior Trading Post teachers Lisa Harris and Janice Arsenault and Wood Teacher David Heath to enhance accessibility and sales in the school store by enabling the store to travel via a mobile kiosk that can move around the building and across the campus.

Spring 2013:

  • Jay Miller, Math: Nspire Graphing Calculator Integration, $2,805.  Equipment, software and training for new calculators
  • Jim Muthig & Chris Cassamas: Using Samsung Tablets for App Development in Graphics Programming & Design, $1,074.  FOWF funded the equipment to design and offer a new course at WHS called Programming and Logic Used in Fall 2013, students  were awarded "Best in State" and went on to compete for a regional  award in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge.  Read bout the challenge here: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140122-910307.html

    Watch a You Tube video about the app :


Fall 2012:

  • David Heath, Woodworking: Mini-Lathes & sharpener for Woodworking, $2,000.  New equipment to promote mass produced student work to enhance the wood technology program and potentially sell in school store.
  • John Croteau, Biology & Anatomy & Physiology: Flipping the Classroom—creating interactive podcast lessons via Mac equipment, $1,500
  • Andrea Pastelis, Math: Traffic Engineering presentation to 120 freshmen math students, $900

Spring 2012:

  • Dorothy Grazier, Library: eBook Trial Program, $1,000.  The purpose of this project is to test the acceptance by students of ebooks from the school’s library; ebooks are electronic books that can be downloaded on to personal equipment such as computers, iPads and Android tablets. They can be read on school computers. This grant will assist in working out the procedures and logistics of having ebooks available to students from the school’s library.
  • Eric Nash, Science Department: Technology exchange/Flat screen TV to enable interactivity of iPads, $2,650. The 72" flat screen TV will be used as an interactive whiteboard in conjunction with iPads. Teaching with the iPad has transformed the teaching method. We are now able to teach from the back of the classroom and see the students demonstrate their work from their seats. This will also be used for an iPad class for teachers as well as the Astronomy Club.

Spring 2011:         

  • Jim Muthig, Technical Education Department: VEX Classroom Competition Kit, $1,100 After completion of three successive pre-engineering courses, Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, and Digital Electronics, WHS seniors have the opportunity to take a one trimester engineering capstone elective.  Given the relatively short time frame of the course, 60 days, students had difficulty completing the Engineering Design Cycle of a project of their choice.  The VEX competition kit provided means for our capstone students to complete a relevant engineering topic within the allotted time.
  • Christine Edgar, World Language Department: Music/Cultural Workshop and Performance by Odaiko New England, $1,000.  The goal of this project is to bring music and cultural performances to Winnacunnet High School to expose our students to the authentic and rich heritage of global artists.  Japanese style drumming, song and dance will be presented in a workshop form to a limited number of students in the morning. During block 3 and 5, the entire school will have the opportunity to watch Okaiko New England perform, with help from the workshop participants.

Spring 2010:         

  • Glen Fernald, Math Department: 2Know! Classroom Math Response Systems, $1,195.  Purchase of 24 wireless handheld responders to give students and teachers immediate feedback to accelerate learning, increase self-confidence and make learning fun and interactive. Students are able to participate simultaneously and confidentially providing a steady stream of feedback to themselves and the instructor enabling adjustment and personalization of instruction.
  • Janice Arsenault, Student Council Advisor: Project Unity Anti-Bullying Leadership Training, $1,000 Two students were sent to an intensive five-day summer training program at the University of Maine.  They have been instrumental in leading the Project Unity students at Winnacunnet High as they try to create an environment of safe learning and really get kids to be responsible for their actions.

Fall 2009:         

  • David Hobbs, English Department: Exploring Poetry Through Hip-Hop Music., $978. This grant funded hardware & software for the English Department. Combined with the Interactive Whiteboard, students are able to create & edit movies for digital storytelling; students visually share their interpretations of literature and their lives. In addition, they are using Garage Band software to introduce poetic concepts such as rhythm, meter, and rhyme. Students will look at these structures as reflected in contemporary music and creating original products with voice and beat tracks.
  • Kelley Richards, World Language Department: Culture Matters, School Wide Event., $1,500  School-wide Music and Cultural Performances by Peruvian group Inca Son and World Fusion artist Randy Armstrong.  This grant funded over half the cost of two international and interdisciplinary cultural performances for the entire student body which took place April 2, 2010.
     Sophomores and Juniors attended a performance during 3rd block by the Peruvian group Inca Son.  Freshman and Seniors attended a performance 5th block by world fusion artist Randy Armstrong.  Each group  provided an hour long performance with dancers in traditional costumes. Students were exposed to the language, music, history and dress of South American and African people.  The project will help promote global awareness by going 'beyond school walls' for learning and inform teachers of the ways in which they can make connections across disciplines.

Spring 2009:         

  • Catherine Silver, Science Department: Trip to the Isles of Shoals & Tour of Appledore Marine Lab, Star Island, $1,500.  The field trip funded all fees associated for  51 Marine Biology 2 students and chaperones.  This trip served as a culminating activity for Marine Bio 1 & 2 students.  It emphasized the real life application of the curriculum in Marine Biology classes with an eye toward possible future academic work in this area, an appreciation of nature, and the importance of being ecologically minded.
  • Bryan Yeaton, English Department: Leadership & Community-building Activities for the classroom, $400 This grant funded the materials for 12 classrooms. These activities are designed to engage students, increase attentiveness and promote community and leadership. Bryan presented a workshop at the May Faculty In-Service Workshops and many of the activities/materials have been used in Fresh Start and Freshman Seminar programs.

Spring 2008:

  • Emerson Coburn, Art Department: (first student initiated grant!) Recycled Glass Tile Mural/Artist-in-Residence Program with Robert Rossel, $1,000.  This grant funded a program which was open to the WHS community as an opportunity to learn about the recycling process and uses for glass incorporating recycled materials into ceramic tiles. The tiles will then be installed as a visually appealing piece of art in the dining hall.
  • Jessica Ryan, Spanish Department: This grant will fund electronic equipment to engage and promote speaking and learning Spanish, $1,231.  This grant funded electronic equipment to engage and promote speaking and learning the Spanish language. The following equipment was purchased:  Classroom Jeopardy II, Mobile Listening Center, voice recorders, team remotes, Eggspert answer system.

Fall 2007:

  • Don Foote, Physical Education Department: The purchase of 30 snowshoes expanding the winter curriculum and nurturing life-long habits of physical activity, $1,000.  This grant funded the purchase of 30 snowshoes expanding the winter curriculum and nurturing life-long habits of physical activity.

Spring 2007:

  • Sarah Edgar, Art Department: Burnin' Pots Raku Pottery Workshop for a 2 day visiting artist Jeff Brown, $800 **Hampton Union Article**  This grant funded a three day workshop to introduce a new medium within the ceramics curriculum.
  • Eric Nash, Science Department: Epicurean Lab Stove for science/kitchen chemistry, $500
  • Eric Nash, Science Department: Classroom sound system for multimedia presentations, $500

Fall 2006:

  • John Croteau, Science Department: Equipment to establish a "Bench-top Aquaculture" program for biology to encourage real-life application and hands-on approach to the biology curriculum, $1,000 **Hampton Union Article**  This grant funded the equipment to establish a "Bench-top Aquaculture" program to encourage real- life application and hands-on approach to biology curriculum.

Spring 2006:

  • Diana Weidenbacker, Decisions program: Equipment to refurbish the greenhouse using interdisciplinary(science/math/business) applications and life skills, $1,000 **Hampton Union Article**  This grant funded equipment for students to refurbish the greenhouse using interdisciplinary (science/math/business) applications and life skills; students also built potting tables, grew plants and herbs, and conducted a successful school-wide sale.  
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